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Christchurch Regional News

August 2017

Homeownership is family’s dream

As Titus Samuel proudly holds his Certificate of Long Service he has a picture in his mind’s eye of where it will eventually go. For the time being it will sit on a shelf in his Christchurch home – but one day it will feature prominently in a family home

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April 2017

Sweet treat for St Patrick’s Day

CrestClean’s Yasa Panagoda made sure plenty of “mud” was left behind when he visited two Christchurch schools on their special day. Yasa, Christchurch North Regional Manager, turned up laden with a large chocolate mud cake to help celebrate St Patrick’s Day – and his surprise sweet treat hit the mark

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March 2017

Bollywood night shapes up for franchisees

Party-going franchisees have set their sights on Bollywood following the success of their festive get-together in Christchurch. A party for Christchurch North and South teams proved such a big hit with everyone that a themed night was decided upon for the next gathering. About 60 people attended the Christmas party

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  • Christchurch and South Canterbury Qualit...

    Sanjeev Raj is the new Christchurch and South Canterbury Quality Assurance Co-ordinator. As part of his role, Sanjeev, who is based in Christchurch, will undertake quality audits, assist with implementing new contracts and be a guiding force for franchisees new to the business. CrestClean has similar co-ordinators in Auckland, the

  • Seven years with Crest

    Mina Hanna is proud to be a CrestClean franchisee. “There is a good system behind Crest which makes me feel very confident and proud to be a CrestClean franchisee,” he says. “Seven years has gone very fast.” The Christchurch South franchisee received his 7 year Long Service Award. During that

  • Becoming a Crest franchisee made sense

    Hardik Patel is pleased he grasped the opportunity to become a CrestClean franchisee. “It was a great opportunity to join Crest. I am so glad I did,” he says. The Christchurch South franchisee, who purchased a franchise last month, is enjoying the flexibility and customer interaction that goes alongside his

  • Jason is a ‘hero of respect’

    Christchurch North CrestClean franchisee.

    Christchurch North CrestClean franchisee Jason Dalziel did not expect a ‘hero of respect’ letter would bring tears to his eyes. Jason, has been cleaning for 17 years and has owned a CrestClean franchise for 12 years, received a letter from a pupil at New Brighton Catholic School. The letter read:

  • Christchurch Teams Get Together for Chri...

    Both of CrestClean’s Christchurch regions, North and South, gathered together to celebrate the Christmas season, making for a fun and lively summer afternoon. “We combined the regions as some of the franchisees work on both sides of the city,” says Kiri James, Regional Director for Christchurch South. “It was a

  • Fourteen Years Still Going Strong

    Grant Holland is one of the longest serving franchisees on the CrestClean team. “When I started there were only four in Christchurch,” he recalls. Not all of them are still in business, but the flexibility and income from owning a CrestClean franchise are what keep Grant happy with the decision

  • Sharp New Ride for Franchisee

    Franchisee Maya Ram is now riding in style behind the wheel of a new car, freshly sign-written with the CrestClean brand and logos. Maya works in Christchurch South, where he purchased a franchise a little more than a year ago. He was driving an older Subaru that he’d intended to

  • Training Benefits Everybody

    Congratulations to Ronesh Nand for successfully completing the Cleaning Professional Skills Suite training, a series of three courses offered by Master Cleaners Training Institute that cover all aspects of safe working practices, equipment, proper procedures and innovations in the cleaning industry. Originally from Fiji, Ronesh and his wife Joytesha moved

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